Providing professional herbal and acupuncture care since 1973.



Founded in 1973 by Dr.Y.C. Chiang, the Chung Hua (Chinese) Clinic has served generations of patients, families throughout the Bay Area. Dr.Y.C. Chiang began the clinic as part of his transmission of Chinese culture and longevity traditions when he immigrated to the U.S. from Taiwan. The Clinic is an extension of the Wen Wu School of Martial Arts where Taiji, Qi Gong and Shaolin Kung Fu are taught.  

Since 2007 the Clinic has been home to free medical services for low-income and uninsured families. Volunteer medical doctors, nurses, massage therapists, chiropractors and qi gong instructors bring their skills and care to these events. Many of these services are offered in partnership with local shelters and transitional programs. Check out the Fountain Project to learn more about these free services and how you can help bring medical care to local families.

Keeping traditions alive while also integrating modern advancements means that the Chung Hua Clinic provides the best in holistic health care while being able to fluently relate with Western medical information and treatments. If you are dealing with a complex health issue, chronic illness or just want the best quality of wellness- we'd lke to welcome you to the family practice of Chung Hua Clinic. English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean language services available with specialties in cancer care, fertility, autoimmune systems and pain.